How can we meet our driver?
Please note that you will meet your driver waiting for you in the arrivals hall of the Airport, walking outside of the baggages claim, holding up a sign with your name on it. In case your luggages will be lost please come outside to advice your driver so he will not leave without you, and we will not charge you any extra fees for the delay. The customs police will allow you to re-enter the lost and found zone. For the arrivals at the Train Station you will meet your driver at the beginning of the arrival platform, holding up a sign with your name on it.

Where do we meet our driver at the cruise terminals?
At the NAPLES port you will meet your driver waiting for you coming out of your ship and walking outside of the terminal passengers. At the SALERNO, CIVITAVECCHIA and LIVORNO ports, you will meet your driver waiting for you just coming outside from your ship. At the SORRENTO and AMALFI ports you will meet your driver waiting for you just coming outside from the tender boat of your ship (because your ship will be off shore due to the small size of the Sorrento port). If will be difficult to find your driver, please call us at +39 338.121.5116 or +39 334.943.1459 (instead than dial +39 you can dial 0039 and then one of the mobile number supplied).

Is napoli centrale and napoli piazza garibaldi the same place?
Yes it is the same place, infact Napoli Centrale is the name of the train station where your train will arrive and it is located in the "Piazza Garibaldi".

How can we make a reservation?
After you have contacted us and we have confirmed our availability and prices for the services required, you can go ahead and secure your booking directly from the secure link of our website: After you will receive the confirmation via email once you have submitted the reservation form and agreed all the terms and conditions according to the cancellation policy and after you will receive an email with our pick up and service details.

What's the method of payment?
We accept only CASH payment in EURO currency at the end of each service according to the quoted rates. We don'accept Credit Card payment or pre-payments. We can accept PRE-Payments of the total amount of the services booked through a Bank Transfer.

Do we have to pay a deposit?
Only to secure your reservation for private BOAT tours of Capri and the Amalfi Coast (always by Boat), we require a small deposit of 100 Euros payable by your CREDIT CARD through PAYPAL. Then the balance of the payment according to the quoted rates will be charged CASH or by CREDIT CARD directly on the same day of the tour.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Cancellation notice or any changes (time/date) regarding the service booked, must be sent at least 3 days (72 hours) prior to the arrival date. If is not done in these terms, IACCARINO SORRENTO LIMOUSINE SERVICE (AUTOSERVIZI IACCARINO SAS) reserves the right to charge your Credit CARD  as a "NO SHOW FEE"  for the total amount of the requested service.  Please note that we will NOT CHARGE any payments on your credit card, but we will hold your credit card information in our database only as a GUARANTEE of your BOOKING, but we reserve the right to charge your credit card for 100% of the amount of the service just in case of "NO SHOW" or "LATE CANCELLATION or NOT ACCOMMODABLE CHANGES  requested in the last 3 days from the date of service".  Once you fill out our reservation form and insert your credit card information, you are legally bound to a contract with our company. 

Will we be charged in case the ship will not dock at the assigned port?
Please note that in case your cruise ship will be not able to dock at the assigned port for any reasons you will be NOT CHARGED,  but the excursion will be automatically re-scheduled in the new port of destination (if it is in the same region) otherwise the service will be cancelled without incur in any penalties because it is not your fault. Instead a fee would be charged if the tour will be cancelled for any other reasons within the 3 days of the cancellation period.

Is the price quoted on single person or per vehicle?
Our prices are not based on a single person but on the specific vehicle service.

Is it possible to bring for us baby-seats or boosters?
If you will communicate to our office prior of your reservation via mail that you need a baby-seat or baby-booster for your infant we will provide it in the Vehicle without the worry to bring your's with you.

Does the driver speak in english?
All our drivers speak very fluent in English so there will be absolutely no issue in communications.

What is included in yout fees and what is not?
ENTRANCE FEES to the historical sites (Museum or Archeological sites) and OFFICIAL LICENSED GUIDES are not included in our fees. We strongly suggest that all our Clients pre purchase tickets to the Vatican Museum in Rome by clicking on the link: to avoid to wait in line during the day of the tour. Please note that the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel are closed on each Sunday except the last one of the month. The Basilica of St. Peter’s is always open so you will be able to visit it and if you are lucky enough you might be able to see the Pope since he gives a Blessing on this day. When the Vatican museum is closed it will be replaced with a visit to the catacombs or something else you would like to see. The tour is very flexible so we do not follow a strict itinerary and if you have any suggestion we will be happy to satisfy it. LUNCH and GRATUITIES are also not included in our fees. GRATUITIES (or TIPS) in Italy are never mandatory but always well appreciated and will be up to you depending on the quality of the service received and your grade of satisfaction. Generally a good TIP range from 10% to 20%. In OUR FEES are included PARKING, FUELS, TOLLS, TAXES and ENGLISH SPEAKING DRIVER for the day.

What's the difference among tour guide - driver guide - tour escort?
For people who are booking private tours for the first time, we want to help you with a little clarification. A DRIVER GUIDE andTOUR GUIDE are not the same. It is an your advantage when you book a private tour to understand the difference and know in advance what you are paying for. A TOUR GUIDE has a license. He or she has attended school to learn all about the sites you will see. A guide is permitted to go into the historical sites with you and tell you about the history. A DRIVER GUIDE is not licensed, has not attended “guide” school, and has not the permit to accompany you inside the site to tell you about the history. Many drivers are just as well versed in the area history as the guides. The difference of course is that they will tell you the facts before you go inside depending from their good wealth of Knowledge. TOUR ESCORTS also never accompany you into the historical sites, except in the case of emergency but they are training to become a guide so they will also have a good wealth of knowledge ( we usually suggest them especially for a tour with a Sprinter Minibus up to 8 people until 18 people).

How much time will we have to visit the highlights of the campania region?
POMPEI RUINS: 120 minutes HERCULANEUM RUINS: 105 minutes VESUVIUS: 80 minutes POSITANO: 60 minutes AMALFI: 60 minutes RAVELLO: 40 minutes SORRENTO: 60 minutes PAESTUM (the Greek Temples): 90 minutes CASERTA (the Royal Palace): 120 minutes

Will be charged in case of flight delay or train delay?
Please note well that in case the plane or train is delayed, or your luggages are lost at the Naples or Rome Airport and you must wait at the "lost and found office", we will have 1 hour of tolerance (which is the standard waiting time) from the expected arrival time and after you will be charged 25 Euros each waiting hour. In case of lost luggages it must be also your care to send somebody in your party outside of the custom area to advise the driver of this further delay or call directly at our mobile numbers that you will receive during the booking process because our driver will never leave the Airport without you!

Are the services confirmed in case of bad weather?
Please note well that we will provide anyway our services (Tours and Transfers) despite bad weather. In case you want to change the date of the service, we could allow it (or not) depending on our vehicles availability (generally it is no possible to change in the last 48 hours but you can make a try).

Will the tour by BOAT will be cancelled in case of bad weather?
We reserve the right to cancel the tour, even on the scheduled day, according to weather and/or sea conditions. The BOAT tour may be shortened depending on weather, sea conditions, your ship's schedule and/or any other circumstance out of our control.

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